Aki gets kicked off Masterchef 2012. I’m going to miss those facial expressions!

Whacky Aki has left the competition, so who is going to win Masterchef 2012?

A much-needed injection of English indulgence in my predominantly French lifestyle is my weekly dose of BBC’s Masterchef. It is without a doubt my favourite food programme on TV, and I have even got the husband involved. I have always had an interest in this cooking competition, partly because of my passion for food, and also because one of Masterchef  judges, Gregg Wallace, is the director of Secretts Direct, the main distributor of produce from my family’s farm, Secretts in Milford.

I never fail to be amazed by the steep learning curve that the contestants manage to climb every week. Some of the Masterchef challenges, such as last night’s task which saw the Masterchef contestants enduring an 8-hour preparation marathon to feed 230 barristers at Middle Temple, would test even the most experienced of professional chefs.

Cockney Gregg Wallace remarked as the 6 remaining Masterchef contestants were plating up vast quantities of the trio of deserts:

“I’ve never seen a hallway full of desserts… IT’S BRILLIANT!”

Another profound insight from Mr Wallace.

Since I started watching the 2012 series, Aki was one of my favourite Masterchef contestants. Some people think that Aki is annoying, but for me she was a genius. Granted, she has made a few mistakes that the judges have picked up on, one of which was her smoked chicken oyster “ash tray” debarcle last night which saw her finally leave the show. But what made her brilliant to watch was her relentless enthusiasm, her inspired Japanese fusion food, and most importantly her hilarious and over the top facial expressions. You never knew what was coming next!

Aki was kicked out of Masterchef 2012

My favourite Aki-ism came in last night’s show. When faced with the enormous task of preparing veg for 230 diners, she said

“‘I feel like a little ant climbing up a Mount Everest of potatoes.”  Truly poetic!

Aki, you had us gripped to Masterchef every week and we are sorry to see you leave the competition!

I am pleased to see that the crazy Japanese physicist has now started to offer Asian cooking classes in London. There is no doubt that the girl has a serious knack for Oriental cuisine, and I hope to try out one of her lessons next time I am back in the UK.

So now that Aki has sadly left the show, who will win Masterchef 2012?

Well my money is either on the undeniably talented Shelina, with her Mauritian-influenced cuisine, or the ever-improving Andrew, who reminds me of an endearing talking hedgehog. Jay lacks the finesse to take the title, Tom is a good cook but just a tad annoying, and Eamonn is SMUG and I cannot wait to see the back of him!

So, with just 5 contestants left in the competition, next week’s Masterchef is bound to see the stakes upped even more. Hopefully we will see more creations from the contestants that have Gregg saying things like

“It’s definitely got ‘fat bloke licking his lips’ stamped all over it.”

Gregg Wallace Masterchef 2012

Next week, the remaining five Masterchef UK contestants will be cooking to impress three of the most feared restaurant critics in the country. Click here to see what happens.


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