Eamonn has been kicked off UK Masterchef 2012, leaving just four talented chefs in the competition

LATEST MASTERCHEF UK NEWS! Eamonn Hunt gets sent home by the food critics on Masterchef after his over-garliccy aioli, his sloppy ‘wallpaper paste’ breadsauce and his thyme custard.

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Glad to see Eamonn leave the competition

Eamonn leaves Masterchef 2012 after failing to impress the UK's top restaurant critics

Episode 10 of Masterchef 2012 saw things hotting up in the kitchen, as the five remaining Masterchef contestants cooked for their survival in front of three of the most fearsome restaurant critics. Charles Campion, Tracey MacLeod and Jay Rayner made up the judging panel of last night’s gripping episode, which saw Eamonn Hunt get voted off the UK version of Masterchef 2012. This leaves Shelina, Tom, Andrew and Jay to battle it out as they head to Thailand for the next round of Masterchef.

In one of their toughest challenges yet, the Masterchef finalists each had to prepare a show-stopping three course meal in just 1 hour and 45 minutes, which was then picked apart by the country’s most critical food reviewers.

Up first was the near-perfect Shelina Permalloo, with an awe-inspiring Mauritian menu that was unique, exciting and beautifully presented. During her time on Masterchef, Shelina has continued to impress me with her culinary skill and finesse, and episode 10 saw her showcase her talents yet again.  All three of the restaurant critics as well as the judges, Gregg Wallace & John Torode, praised her for her stunning Mauritian street food starter of spicy crab cakes and flatbreads served with dried shrimp. Throughout the Masterchef competition, Shelina has been known as the queen of desserts, and last night’s show was no exception. She served up a fantastic ginger cake, which prompted Tracey MacLeod to say

I’d like to take her home with me“.  Steady on Tracey!

Gregg was lost for words, and only managed to form the word “luscious“, though it is not clear whether he was referring to Shelina’s ginger cake or to the buxom Mauritian herself.

Shelina Masterchef 2012 UK. Who will win Masterchef

Shelina served up more delicious Mauritian food on Episode 10 of Masterchef 2012

Next to cook was Jay Tinker, the burly doorman from Liverpool. Jay has shown himself to be a worthy Masterchef 2012 contestant, though he is sometime criticised for playing it too safe and for clumsy presentation. Referring to Jay’s choice of main course of venison served with pears, sprouts and chestnuts, Gregg Wallace anxiously muttered

“It’s bothering me more than a dodgy Christmas present from me nan”

Gregg Wallace at Christmas

Gregg Wallace does not want a dodgy Christmas present, and that includes Jay's Masterchef menu

When it was served, sadly the feedback from the critics was disappointing. The venison was far too rare for their liking, and they did not think that Jay’s flavours came together well enough to merit winning Masterchef 2012. I think Jay is a talented guy though, so let’s hope he ups his game when Masterchef goes to Thailand in tonight’s episode.

Tom Rennolds created an impressive three course spread, which got the restaurant critics buzzing. Tracey gushed

“If you had that in a restaurant, you would be excited and you would want to write about it.”

As much as his food did look inspiring, his dessert reminded me of when we used to live in a backstreet in Antibes, France, and the local hounds would come and deposit their goods outside our front door. John Torode said about the chocolate and mango millefeuille “it put a smile on your face”. It did indeed put a smile on my face but that was because the top of it was reminiscent of a big dog poo. Anyway….moving on…..

Tom's chocolate and mango millefeuille Masterchef UK 2012

Tom's chocolate and mango millefeuille reminded me of something...

Photo courtesy of Greg Stekelman's website http://storify.com/themanwhofell/masterchef-28-02-12

Tom's chocolate millefeuille on Masterchef 2012

The lovely Andrew faced himself with a challenging menu which left no doubt about the fact that he is a skillful Masterchef contestant. His starter was late getting out to the critics’ table, but the wait was worth it, as he impressed them with his stylish New England-style ravioli. Despite often looking more like he came straight from the office than from a professional kitchen, Andrew has gone from strength to strength in the Masterchef 2012 competition, and I think that he has a good chance of winning this year’s show.

Which brings us on to Eamonn, who has for several weeks been my least favourite Masterchef contestant of the 2012 series. He can come across as a bit of a bully (remember when he forced Aki to change her desert at the last minute), and he also seems to be constantly sweating into the food to a level where you wonder if he needs to put salt in anything at all. I have found him at times to be very full of himself. Well, his ego would have taken a battering when he watched back the show, after the aioli in his starter was described as “like munching down a raw garlic clove”, the bread sauce accompanying his main course was deemed to be “like wallpaper paste”, and the custard with his bizarre banana dessert received the following remark from Charles Campion

“I don’t think that those people that make that nice custard in packets will be quaking in their boots”.


After that feedback from the critics, Gregg and John had an easy decision to make to send Eamonn home from Masterchef. The remaining four contestants could not contain their happiness, and I loved it when big old Jay scooped up little Andrew into the air in a celebratory hug.

Tonight we will see the contestants heading off to Thailand, for what promises to be another brilliant episode of Masterchef UK.


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