Winner of Masterchef 2012- Shelina Permalloo is crowned winner of this year’s UK Masterchef

What happened in the final Masterchef episode tonight?

Latest Masterchef news – Mauritian Shelina is awarded the title of winner of Masterchef UK 2012, beating Andrew and Tom to the top.

The third and final part of the Masterchef final tonight saw the lovely Shelina Permalloo take home the Masterchef 2012 winner’s prize. The former diversity manager amazed John Torode and Gregg Wallace with her outstanding selection of Mauritian-inspired dishes that she presented for the 2012 Masterchef final, and they could not fault a single thing that she did. Shelina has continued to deliver top-quality cooking throughout every round of Masterchef UK 2012, and had earned a reputation as the ‘perfect’ golden-girl of the cooking competition. John Torode and Gregg Wallace were always in awe of the buxom beauty and her exceptional culinary skills.

Shelina beat Andrew and Tom to become winner of Masterchef 2012

Shelina Permalloo- the worthy winner of Masterchef 2012 in the UK. Photo from the BBC.

The Masterchef runners up were Andrew Kojima, and Tom Rennolds. Andrew has cooked some fantastic food throughout the competition but has always been known to occasionally get a bit too experimental in the kitchen. Tonight, Andrew ruined his chances by mixing strawberries with his lobster and pork belly starter. The Masterchef judges were not impressed by his strawberry gamble, and ultimately it was a mistake that cost him the competition. Tom is also a good chef, but he has struggled with his timings in many of the Masterchef challenges. It was touch and go tonight whether he would get his dishes for the Masterchef final out on time. His starter and main course were brilliant, but in the end, it was Tom’s rhubarb spaghetti that let him down, allowing Shelina to go for gold, and become the first female Masterchef winner in the UK for seven years. Fans all over the country were pleased to see that Shelina mangoes had featured yet again on the menu.Gregg & John were pretty excited too.

Shelina is the mango queen

Mangoes have featured highly on Shelina's menus throughout the competition. Gregg & John have always been impressed with SHelina's mangoes.

A Masterchef menu to top all Masterchef menus

After weeks of culinary challenges that have tested the Masterchef contestants’ skills and taught them new techniques, Shelina, Tom & Andrew had just three final plates of food to perfect in order to win the Masterchef competition. It was time to pull out the big guns and go for gold, with a Masterchef menu which would blow the minds of Gregg Wallace and John Torode.

Tom Rennolds clearly wanted to showcase what he had learnt from the professionals over the last few weeks, as his menu reflected his progression as a chef. He chose to make a thai-style consommé with langoustine and handmade coconut noodles to start. His main course was a ballotine of quail stuffed with chicken livers, morelles and truffles, served with ricotta-filled ravioli and a rich madeira sauce. For dessert, he decided to recreate the amuse bouche idea he had invented in the previous night’s competition, adding to it with a raspberry tuile basket and a basil pannacotta with a white chocolate and olive oil dressing. It was an ambitious, technical menu that left Tom with a lot of work to do in the three hours that the Masterchef finalists had been allowed.

Andrew Kojima also went for a knock-out menu for the 2012 Masterchef final, creating a starter of lobster served with crispy pork belly and a salad of kohlrabi, nashi pear and strawberries. Yes, strawberries. Gregg and John weren’t sure about the addition of the soft fruit right from the word go, but with Andrew you never know whether his unusual combinations are just going to work! His main course was a loin of lamb encrusted with dehydrated soya beans, lamb sweetbreads, a broad bean and mint foam (yum!) and roasted aubergine with miso and leeks. A lot of work to complete in the time frame! His dessert was an unusual-sounding acorn pannacotta, served with a millefeuille of poached pears and hazlenut chocolate cream, with an accompaniment of toffee popcorn. Gregg Wallace, known for his love of all things sweet, was salivating at the very thought of it.

Shelina Permalloo, the winner of Masterchef 2012, brought out a menu of dishes that she had been saving for the final right the way through the competition. The recipes were all inspired by her love of Mauritian cuisine, and the dishes sounded absolutely delicious.

So what were dishes on Shelina’s winning menu of Masterchef 2012 UK?

Shelina’s winning Masterchef starter

Mauritian-style octopus on a bed of marinated fennel, pickled ginger, sliced baby beetroot and carrots. Served with concasse tomatoes, brown shrimp jelly, a mango and apple vinegar, and tobiko.

Shelina’s winning Masterchef main course

Mutton curry served with a mustard seed and turmeric marinated bone marrow. Served with Biryani rice, a chili pumpkin quenelle and a swiss chard roulade stuffed with green banana pickle.

Shelina’s winning Masterchef dessert

Mango cannelloni filled with lime zest curd; coconut and rum blancmange; samosas filled with white chocolate; and mango jelly squares.

When Shelina told the judges what she was going to make, Gregg said

“I don’t think she’s just trying to win Masterchef- I think she’s trying to marry me.”

Shelina Permalloo- perfect wife material!

Gregg dreams of making Shelina Permalloo into Shelina Wallace.

The Masterchef contestants really had their work cut out in the final episode, and both Tom and Andrew got very flustered as they struggled to get everything finished in time. Shelina, by comparison, was cool as a cucumber, or whatever the Mauritian equivalent is.

Tom’s plates of food looked incredible- really elegant and stylish dishes. The judges loved his Thai consommé, saying it was ‘beautifully cooked, sophisticated, skilled and balanced.”

John Torode said “Tom, I’m not allowed to swear. I wish I could, because it’s FFFF……antastic”

Tom’s main course was equally as well-received, but sadly for Mr Rennolds, his rhubarb dessert was just not up to scratch in the judges’ minds. They felt that the rhubarb needed more cooking and that the flavour of the olive oil and white chocolate didn’t really work.

Andrew’s food also looked exceptional, but he ruined his chances of winning Masterchef 2012 by the addition of strawberries to an otherwise perfect starter. John and Gregg just didn’t like them with the pork belly and lobster that Andrew had so beautifully cooked. By contrast, his main dish was highly praised as “Andrew at his absolute best,” whilst his acorn pannacotta dessert was said to be “spine-tinglingly superb.” After the Masterchef final, I would be surprised if Andrew ever wants to see another strawberry for as long as he lives.

Shelina’s food was without a doubt truly outstanding, and Gregg & John didn’t fault a single thing. She “absolutely nailed it” yet again, delivering a “plate of sunshine” that was “bang on the money”. It looked pretty amazing too.

Shelina's winning Masterchef dishes

Shelina's winning food- octopus salad, mutton curry and mango canneloni. Photo from the BBC.

Time for Gregg Wallace and John Torode to decide the winner of Masterchef 2012

We always knew that Shelina Permallo stood a very good chance of winning Masterchef this year, because she has consistently turned out gorgeous plates of food, which have had her own mark on them, and really evoked the senses of the person eating them. Gregg and John have made no secret of their admiration for Shelina, and her golden touch seems to have extended to every professional chef she has worked with throughout the competition.

However, Andrew was an extremely strong contender thanks to his creative, inspired food. It a real shame then that Andrew made such a mistake in the final when he added strawberries to his lobster and pork starter, because without this error, deciding the winner of Masterchef 2012 would have been a far tougher decision. Gregg said he “would walk barefoot over coals for a dessert as good as Andrew cooked” in the final. There is no doubt that Andrew Kojima is a remarkably talented chef, and I wish him well in his new career as a culinary genius.

Gregg and John agreed that Shelina’s food had been ‘mindblowing’ and ‘outstanding.’ She has barely put a foot wrong throughout the 2012 Masterchef competition, and she truly did deserve to win the final. They announced the result, to which Shelina looked completely shell-shocked. She is the first female to win Masterchef for seven years!

Shelina has an extraordinary talent, and she will be very successful in her new life as a Masterchef. I cannot wait to eat at her restaurant, so I am waiting with bated breath for news of its opening.

Thanks for reading my 2012 Masterchef blog posts! Please keep following my blog as I search for something else interesting to write about now that the 2012 series has finished!

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