Organic, quality teas from Luponde Fairtrade plantation in Tanzania

Delicious, fragrant teas from Luponde, one of the oldest organic tea estates in the world.

It’s tea-time in the Secrett Kitchen, thanks to the arrival of these beautifully packaged teas from Luponde tea!

Fairtrade tea in beautiful packaging- Luponde tea

Luponde tea is organic, Fairtrade and it looks pretty fancy too!

I have always been a great lover of a good cup of tea.  I’m currently on about three cups a day, but there was a time when I had a ten-brews-a-day addiction to tea. I have managed to get my husband into the habit of bringing me a mug of fresh, hot tea every morning (yes, I mean EVERY morning) to wake me up. Man-training can take some time, but ladies- it is worth it in the end.

I don’t mind admitting that I am a bit of a tea snob, a trait that has only been exacerbated since I moved to France. In the land of perpetual expresso addiction, finding a proper cup of tea in a café is about as hard as finding a a French worker who is not either on strike, on a public holiday or on their lunchbreak. If you order a cup of tea here on the Côte d’Azur, the likelihood is that you will be presented with a tepid cup of water accompanied with a Lipton yellow teabag, and you will be charged more for it than you would be for a glass of vin rosé. The French’s inability to understand tea, and what to charge for it, is one of the reasons (or excuses) for me to normally just order a glass of wine when I am in a café!

The French have yet to grasp the concept of a good cup of tea!

So imagine my delight when the other day a friend from England sent me a selection of wonderful teas from Luponde, a top-quality tea company that has been set up in Mayfair, London. I was thrilled, and rushed to put the kettle on so that I could try one of the different varieties of tea, which had come all the way from the Luponde plantation in Southern Tanzania.

The 2,212-hectare Luponde tea plantation is situated in the Livingstonia mountains in Tanzania. I visited Tanzania last July on our honeymoon, and was lucky enough to witness the great migration of wildebeest through the Serengeti. It was a truly magical trip, during which I fell in love with the landscape, the colours and the people of Tanzania. We stayed on a working plantation for a few nights, and I was so impressed with the fact that everything was done by hand. At Luponde tea estate, the tea leaves are also carefully handpicked to ensure that the fantastic quality of the tea is preserved.

The Serengeti, Tanzania

Beautiful Tanzania- taken on our honeymoon in July 2011

The Luponde tea estate is the only steady source of income for people in the local community, so I am fully in favour of supporting the tea farm there. The organic teas are all Fairtrade, which gets a big thumbs up from me, especially having visited some of the Tanzanian farms myself last year. The fairtrade premium is channelled back into the building of infrastructure in the community, which so far includes a school for 300 children and a local hospital. All this means that you can enjoy a cup of delicious Luponde tea, safe in the knowledge that the Tanzanian farmer who lovingly planted, nurtured and harvested the tea gets a decent price for his efforts.

A caring cuppa if you like.

Fairtrade teas make a difference to people's lives in Tanzania

Buying fairtrade tea makes a difference to these people's lives

In the delightful gift box of teas that I received were five different varieties from the Luponde tea range. How was I to choose between the Orthodox Black Tea, the Green Tea, the White Tea, the Camomile Tea or the Peppermint Tea?! After reading up on the Luponde website, I was intrigued to hear that the White Tea is packed full of antioxidants and is also known for its anti-aging benefits. Well I am always up for trying anything that might make me look younger, so I got stuck into the White Tea first of all. The tea was really tasty- as easy to drink as normal black tea, but lighter and healthier.

I feel younger already!

Old woman with wrinkles

I think she needs to drink a few more White Teas

I have enjoyed working my way through Luponde’s deliciously delicate teas, so much so that I wanted to feature them on my blog so that other people can discover this little gem of a company. Luponde’s teas taste great AND they’re Fairtrade, but what I really love is the fact that they are so beautifully packaged. These teas would make the perfect gift for anyone who is into their tea. Trust me- I was thrilled to receive my pretty pink and black giftbox full of fancy teabags, and I will definitely be ordering more when I have finished them!

Luponde have got a flagship store in London, but they also deliver throughout the UK and even throughout Europe. Great news for Anglophones living in France wondering where to buy decent tea. Throw away the nasty Lipton yellow and stock up with fragrant Luponde teas for a perfect cuppa that helps to make a difference to the lives of many people in Tanzania. It’s a win win situation.

Visit Luponde’s website to order their delicious teas, all of which are organic and Fairtrade!

Tanzanian tea available to order throughout Europe

Top marks for Luponde tea


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