The Secrett Kitchen is a blog all about good food, new recipe ideas, restaurants, fresh produce and other food-related news.

It will hopefully provide you with culinary inspiration to use in your own kitchen, encourage you to try out new things, and offer some insight into different ingredients and what to do with them.

Let me introduce myself……

I am a keen cook who is passionate about all things related to fine food and gastronomy. Growing up in a family of foodies, and with access to beautiful fresh ingredients from Secretts farm, I established a keen interest in cooking and food from an early age. I was lucky that both my grandmothers and my parents have always been excellent chefs, and that they were kind enough to share many expert tips about flavours, preparation and techniques with me.

Fresh produce is the key to beautiful cooking

Over the years, I developed my skills, knowledge and creativity, taking culinary inspiration from my many travels around the globe. I have completed cooking courses in Thailand, Morocco and Italy, and always take great pleasure in discovering the local delicacies wherever I am in the world. I have travelled extensively throughout Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe and Australasia, and I think that my style of cooking reflects these various influences.

Nowadays, I live in the South of France with my husband Rich, the number 1 fan of my food! We are lucky to be based in such a beautiful part of the world, with so many fantastic food markets, restaurants and chefs to inspire me. The pace of life here is far more laidback than my past corporate lifestyle in London, and this has enabled me to spend more time creating delicious meals in my kitchen. Alongside my work as a business and management consultant on the French Riviera, I also offer occasional catering for private parties and small events on the Côte d’Azur.

Antibes old town, taken from Salis beach at dusk in January. Photo Carey Secrett

The snow-capped Alps behind the pretty town of Antibes, where we started our French adventure

This blog is the result of quite a few requests from friends and family to put pen to paper about some of my recipes and ideas. It will also serve as a reminder for me when I have forgotten what I usually cook at the change of each season! I have tried where possible to use my own photographs, so hopefully this will give me a chance to practise my food photography as well. Most of my recipe ideas that I have included on the blog about are not difficult to do, but sometimes you just need inspiration in the first place to help you create those delicious dishes!

I hope you enjoy reading some of the Secretts from my kitchen….

C Secrett  x


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Carey, Delighted to find your Secrett Kitchen Blog. My maiden name is Wendy Secrett, I also inherited a love of food and cooking from my mother. We live in Darwin,Northern Territory, Australia. Our taste in food is multiculural with a strong emphasis on Asian flavours. Darwin is only a 2 hour flight to Bali. If you are interested, would love to fill you in with the Australian family connection. Best wishes and regards,

    Wendy James.

    • Hi Wendy- can’t believe I am only just replying to this! How interesting that your maiden name is Secrett. I am sure we are related as there are really not many of us, and everyone I have ever met with the name seems to be distantly related in a traceable way! I would be interested to see if we could work out if there is a connection! I will email you as I would love to hear about the Secrett family down under!

    • Hi Brian- glad you like the blog! I have been a bit terrible at updating it recently, but I do intend to get a lot better in 2013! Thank you for the link to your lovely paintings- they are great! Carey

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