Winner of Masterchef 2012- Shelina Permalloo is crowned winner of this year’s UK Masterchef

What happened in the final Masterchef episode tonight? Latest Masterchef news – Mauritian Shelina is awarded the title of winner of Masterchef UK 2012, beating Andrew and Tom to the top. The third and final part of the Masterchef final … Continue reading

The Masterchef UK final part 2: Shelina, Tom & Andrew cook for their mentors

The second part of the Masterchef UK 2012 final saw the last three contestants prepare a lavish feast for the professional chefs who have guided them over the course of the Masterchef competition. Last night, the BBC treated Masterchef fans … Continue reading

The Masterchef UK final part 1: the remaining contestants cook in Michelin-starred restaurants

Masterchef contestants went to some of the best restaurants in Europe, all with three Michelin stars

See also Masterchef final part 3– the winner is revealed, and  Masterchef final part 2– cooking for the mentors Last night, the first of this week’s three Masterchef UK 2012 finals took place. The three remaining Masterchef contestants were each … Continue reading

It’s the final week of Masterchef UK 2012, and there are just three top chefs left in the competition!

The Masterchef UK final 2012

Jay Tinker leaves Masterchef UK 2012, following a difficult round of pastry and dessert making. The weeks of culinary build-up have at last come to a climax, as the Masterchef UK 2012 final has arrived! Over 20,000 budding chefs applied for … Continue reading

Masterchef UK 2012: The final four contestants go to Thailand for 3 days of chilli sweats and paste pounding

Secretts Thai Festival, in collaboration with the Mudita Trust

Shelina, Tom, Jay and Andrew head to the North of Thailand for the toughest challenge of the Masterchef UK 2012 competition so far. Masterchef UK fans were in their element last week, as the good old BBC treated us to … Continue reading

Eamonn has been kicked off UK Masterchef 2012, leaving just four talented chefs in the competition

Glad to see Eamonn leave the competition

LATEST MASTERCHEF UK NEWS! Eamonn Hunt gets sent home by the food critics on Masterchef after his over-garliccy aioli, his sloppy ‘wallpaper paste’ breadsauce and his thyme custard. Click here for all posts about Masterchef UK 2012 Episode 10 of … Continue reading

Aki gets kicked off Masterchef 2012. I’m going to miss those facial expressions!

Whacky Aki has left the competition, so who is going to win Masterchef 2012? A much-needed injection of English indulgence in my predominantly French lifestyle is my weekly dose of BBC’s Masterchef. It is without a doubt my favourite food … Continue reading