Eamonn has been kicked off UK Masterchef 2012, leaving just four talented chefs in the competition

Glad to see Eamonn leave the competition

LATEST MASTERCHEF UK NEWS! Eamonn Hunt gets sent home by the food critics on Masterchef after his over-garliccy aioli, his sloppy ‘wallpaper paste’ breadsauce and his thyme custard. Click here for all posts about Masterchef UK 2012 Episode 10 of … Continue reading

Puff pastry cups with figs, blue cheese and bacon

Quick and easy idea for a starter- puff pastry cups with figs, blue cheese and bacon

Fig, blue cheese and bacon puff pastry bites- a really yummy quick and easy starter. Figs, blue cheese and bacon- three of my favourite ingredients, particularly when they are used together. There is something about the sweetness of the figs … Continue reading

Fresh produce from the San Remo food market on the Italian Riviera

Fresh tomatoes on the vine, bought at San Remo market

THE SAN REMO MARKET IN ITALY IS A FANTASTIC FOODY DAY OUT. San Remo, the capital of the Italian Riviera, is situated less than two hours’ by train from where we live in the South of France. This colourful Mediterranean … Continue reading

The best chocolate brownies in the world- rich, gooey and bursting with chocolate!

Best ever chocolate brownie recipe

WARNING- THIS IS A SERIOUSLY GOOD CHOCOLATE BROWNIE RECIPE! I have tried out loads of amazing chocolate brownie recipes over the years, but I finally found what I consider to be the best chocolate brownie recipe in the world. These … Continue reading

Aki gets kicked off Masterchef 2012. I’m going to miss those facial expressions!

Whacky Aki has left the competition, so who is going to win Masterchef 2012? A much-needed injection of English indulgence in my predominantly French lifestyle is my weekly dose of BBC’s Masterchef. It is without a doubt my favourite food … Continue reading

Pork tenderloin stuffed with sausagemeat and mustard

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with sausage meat and mustard

One of the benefits of having people to stay from England is the fact that they can bring us supplies of all the things that are hard to come by in France. Aside from the obvious things like fish and … Continue reading

La Pierre à Four- stunning cuisine in Biot village

Biot is home to one of my favourite restaurants on the Cote d'Azur

Last night, Rich’s parents very kindly took us to La Pierre à Four, which is in my opinion one of the best restaurants on the French Riviera. Set in the charming village of Biot, La Pierre à Four is a … Continue reading