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After years of experimenting with new things in the Secrett kitchen, I have tried and tested many delicious recipes, and come up with lots of new food ideas. I’m not normally very good at sticking to recipes, especially savoury dishes, as I can’t resist tweaking them to my palate. But I enjoy reading yummy recipes to get inspiration for flavour combinations, presentation and other tips.

People often ask me for my recipes, but since I largely rely on taste to work out what to add to food,  the quantities that I give are quite vague. A splash of wine here, a dollop of mustard there and a pinch of cinnamon in there!

I like to cook with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food

My philosophy on cooking

I am trying to get better at writing down what I do when I cook so that it is easier to pass on the ideas to other people. However, I think it is a good idea not to be too static when following a recipe. Let your creative juices flow and go a bit off piste! The more you do in the kitchen, the more you will find it easy to cook with your senses, instead of just reading what the book says.

I think that if you focus around flavours that work together, remember to season well and don’t overcook things, you really can’t go too wrong with most basic dishes!

Over the course of my blog posts, I will try to show you a wide variety of recipes and ideas that work. These will include quick and easy dishes that you can throw together when you get back from work, and more complicated show stoppers that are worth the extra effort for a special occasion.

I hope you enjoy my ideas….


Starters and appetisers

Main courses


Quick Lunches


Side dishes

Other Recipes

Delicious fish pie- photo courtesy of


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