The Masterchef UK final part 1: the remaining contestants cook in Michelin-starred restaurants

Masterchef contestants went to some of the best restaurants in Europe, all with three Michelin stars

See also Masterchef final part 3– the winner is revealed, and  Masterchef final part 2– cooking for the mentors Last night, the first of this week’s three Masterchef UK 2012 finals took place. The three remaining Masterchef contestants were each … Continue reading

Aki gets kicked off Masterchef 2012. I’m going to miss those facial expressions!

Whacky Aki has left the competition, so who is going to win Masterchef 2012? A much-needed injection of English indulgence in my predominantly French lifestyle is my weekly dose of BBC’s Masterchef. It is without a doubt my favourite food … Continue reading